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L-Acoustics V-Dosc System in Great Condition

We can’t overemphasize the importance regarding the great condition of the A1 L-Acoustics system and accessories. The A1 L-Acoustics System has never been subjected to “touring” use. It has always and only been inside a fixed performing arts theater location in the Planet Hollywood Casino Theater at 70 degrees F. and never moved, except for occasional maintenance checks.

Anyone who is familiar with touring use will immediately understand the daily large temperature and humidity changes going on in a tractor- trailer during a winter tour. The wind chill on the trailer can cool down the whole load easily below freezing, and in some trips, to minus 10 below zero. Touring tech crews have to let the multi-cable snakes and other cables warm up for several hours in the venue before they can even unroll them. Imagine the damage to the transducers when the absorbed moisture crystallizes and expands in the paper speaker cones, the wooden enclosures, and the PC components. Everything cracks!! Then the cabinets buzz!

All of us at A1 really want to get these facts across to differentiate us from others. Please feel free to reach out to me directly or speak with one of our experts for more information about the excellent quality and condition of the A1 L-Acoustics System.

Albert V. Siniscal, PE, President & CEO

Planet Hollywood V-Dosc System