Our Legacy

June Fest Las Vegas

Audio Catalina Island

Doobie Brothers Touring System, Self Powered VIP Loudspeakers. First experiments with aligning.
Old Las Vegas
Tony Alamia & Tony Bennet at Billboard Live, Sunset Strip, LA, CA, about 1995 or so.

Concert for the Masses, Rose Bowl, Pasadena, 101,000 fans, Depeche Mode and Thomas Dolby.

Large A-1 Meyer MSL5, MSL3, UPA Rigs
Typical New Years Eve Las Vegas Shows
JBL Rear Loaded Horn Rig
Silverton Pool Parties

House of Worship

Jazz Trax Catalina Island – 26 miles across the sea

Sound & Lighting at Catalina Island

First Ever June Fest, Las Vegas – Harwell System. This is a classic “Old School” very large arena/stadium pro sound System.


Legacy V.I.P. Rig

Ken Newman with Barry Manilow 1998